Works in Progress

Genesis — Nicholas Wilkes is a Psion, capable of performing psychic feats. Marking him as a descendant of the ill-fated Genesis ark-ship. He joined the Protectorate Marines in the hopes of finding the answers to his questions. Then, on a routine patrol, he meets a mysterious young woman who may be able to provide him with those long-denied answers.

However, not only does he need to gain her trust, but he must also escape the institution he thought he could.

Helena Phelps is also a child of the Genesis. Found stranded in Protectorate space, she is evasive about her role as an official within the Consortium. Going to lengths to avoid Nick’s attempts to befriend her, she is still not about to allow him to come to harm.

Despite her efforts, she may have found herself in a situation even she cannot escape…


Shattered is a collection of short story one-shots retelling the classic fairy tales, such as The Little MermaidSleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel. Happily Ever After need not apply…


wolfheart_coverWolfheart -- Annie was only a child when men took her from her family. Left to die in the wilderness, she is found by a native tribe and their wolves, who adopt her as one of their own. Troubled by bad dreams, she then sets out to avenge her murdered family and her stolen innocence.

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