Lady Fury

lady fury coverChronicles of Riddick: Lady Fury is a fanfiction set between the events of the Chronicles of Riddick and RiddickRiddick encounters a part of his past that he thought was well behind him when he finds a woman named Esmina Barlow frozen in Stasis aboard the mercenary ship Kublai Khan. Old memories surface and Riddick must now navigate a path between a fleet of world enders and what may be a living ghost…

*** I am primarily going off of Movie-Canon. I have not played the games, merely read summaries of them, so those events will be referenced infrequently.

***DISCLAIMER = This story was begun as a creative exercise and is for entertainment purposes only. All characters are held Copyright by their respective owners.


Lady Fury – Part One

Lady Fury – Part 1.2

Lady Fury – Part Two

Lady Fury – Part Two continued

Lady Fury – Part 2.2

Lady Fury – Part 3

Lady Fury – Part 3.2

Lady Fury – Part 4

Lady Fury – Part 4.2

Lady Fury – Part 5

Lady Fury – Part 5.2

Lady Fury – Part 6 – Finale


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