Death Ender


Death ender coverIt has been 1,000 years since the Great War between the forces of Life and Death and the closing of the portal. The Necromancer blood-magics are all but gone, as are those who would seek their return. With the Dragon Star once again travelling the skies, those agents are making their move.

Key to their plans is the human girl, Erinael. The last of an ancient bloodline, she survives a bandit massacre and is raised by Elven Royalty. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she is convinced to run away.

While on the road, she meets a sell-sword named Idriss, who is more than what he appears. Together with a band of Dead Hunters, they then make their way to the Cursed Forest and the portal within…

—Also entered in the 2014 Wattpad awards. Please consider encouraging your friends to read!

Death Ender: Prologue

Death Ender: Chapter 1

Death Ender: Chapter 2

Death Ender: Chapter 3

Death Ender: Chapter 4

Death Ender: Chapter 5

Death Ender: Chapter 6

Death Ender: Chapter 7

Death Ender: Chapter 8

Death Ender: Chapter 9

Death Ender: Chapter 10

Death Ender: Chapter 11

Death Ender: Part 12

Death Ender: Part 13

Death Ender: Part 14

Death Ender: Part 15

Death Ender: Part 16

Death Ender: Part 17

Death Ender: Part 18

Death Ender: Part 19

Death Ender: Part 20

Death Ender: Part 21

Death Ender: Part 22


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