Completed Drafts

Death ender coverDeath Ender, a high fantasy story centered around a human girl who had been raised by Elves. When a Seer confirms to her on her eighteenth birthday that she will destroy the world by unleashing the forces of Death and Darkness, she runs away.





lady fury coverChronicles of Riddick: Lady Fury, a Chronicles of Riddick fan-fiction that takes place between the events of The Chronicles of Riddick and RiddickRiddick encounters a part of his past that he thought was well behind him when he finds a woman named Esmina Barlow frozen in Stasis aboard the mercenary ship Kublai Khan. Old memories surface and Riddick must now navigate a path between a fleet of world enders and what may be a living ghost…


Miscellaneous Works

Roanoke — Originally written for a Wattpad short story contest. A Time Agent attempts to escape the colony of Roanoke before it is too late.


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