Nano-Wrimo recap – week three

Whelp, week three has gone the way of week two – didly squat, and week four does not look any better… It has gotten so bad, that I received an email from my Nano region mentor offering to help with my word count.

It is so easy to want to beat myself up over this. When I was a teenager, I had no problem with at least writing every day, never mind coming close to marketing the daily Nano minimum count.

It’s not from lack of time. My work schedule mirrors my school schedule, but with less time camped out on a bus… House work still takes less time than homework, so what gives?

I think that it’s mostly because I’m trying too hard, so to speak. I’m far too concerned with what people think of my work. I’m being far too much of a perfectionist, rather.

Personal Insecurities suck, is all that I can say..


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