NaNo WriMo 2016

It has been one week into NanoWriMo, and I am already at just over 5k words. I know, I know, I usually start it than I tend to give up after a week or so. But this year, I am determined to see it through to the end.

This year I have an iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard, my “baby typewriter”, which allows me to be truly mobile.

I am recording my word counts not only on the Nano site, but on my own personal calendar so I can see it everyday as well as in a spreadsheet on my cloud.

Also, I am utilizing Pomodoro while I am sitting at my ‘desk’ for long stretches, with a book within reach for my breaks.

I am just trying to take myself out of my comfort zone this time around. If I am going to take myself seriously as a writer, I need to be doing that regardless.

Among those risks, will be working to finish a large chunk my first draft of Valkyrie Corps. With the series still ongoing, it will be difficult to carry it to a closing solution, but I can at least get it pretty close.

Also on the stove, as it were, is Black Butterfly, as well as maybe some re-drafting of Lady Fury, Fin Maid, and RepunZel. The latter three may be projects for after Nano, however.

Well, best be getting back to it. Later days!


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