Sorry for the Silence

Well, for the last few weeks, I’ve been busy.

Just before Christmas, I was given new responsibilities that have kept me hopping. I now build several sub-assemblies, in general, for the lawn mowers as well as put together the literature and hardware packets. i.e. I collate the instructions and warranty information and count out nuts and bolts which then go into a box.

Most of my co-workers see it as boring and redundant work, but an eight-hour day goes rather quickly when you are jumping through your ass. 😉

The Hubby will also be staring in a new area on Monday, which he is looking forward to doing. It promises to be a lot more straightforward with much less stress, which we both hope will be better for his ADHD.

We have also begun to research becoming Freelance Writers. The Hubby has even gone as far as to set up a blog of his own, called The Freelance Journey, to document his experiences and progress in this endeavor. One of his first posts is going to cover the endeavor of that particular accomplishment.

As for me, I’ve registered with a few writing job boards. I’m just waiting to hear back from them regarding approval and skill levels, which should happen in the early part of this week. I am more than a little uncertain when it comes to writing non-fiction pieces, but the practice will most certainly do me some good and may even be beneficial toward my fiction works. At the very least, rejections may not come as such a shock! XD

Well, that’s kinda it. I’ll update as we go, most definitely if there should be any good news.

Be Well, and TTFN!


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