Status Update

Just a quick check in. Everything is well, just hectic. 😛

Sales for grain dryer equipment had slowed down considerably, and last month I was ‘re-deployed’ to another department in the factory. So now, I assemble and attach the brake and steering linkages for commercial lawn mowers. As well as the fuel tanks, fuel lines, and front covers.

The funny part is, that it doesn’t sound like that much work, which it’s not. But I also have to manipulate large pieces of steel, while standing on my feet all day. That is a far cry from sitting on my butt for eight to ten hours a day soldering on circuit boards and wiring up switches.

And while my body was adjusting to this new physical paradigm (I have lost three pounds so far!), my poor brain has just been exhausted by having to learn to linkup the different mowers—there are six different models, and two steerage variations for at least four of them. Then, depending on the brand of motor, that affects the length of the hoses for the fuel lines and the decals that go on the front covers.

So, needless to say, not a whole lot of writing was going on the month of October.

Which begs the question, am I doing NaNoWriMo this year? Yes. Am I keeping up with the daily word counts? Not so far. 😛 However, I do manage to write between 600 and 800 words in the mornings before I go to work. The clocks falling back an hour has actually been helpful for once!

This year, I am also trying a different approach. I am not focusing on one particular story. I am just writing whatever scenes, or blog posts, that come to mind. I know, that’s not too different from cheating, but I’m going for organic word count. I just have difficulty focusing on one story all of the time until I reach the end. That is a big part of why I never saw NaNo through to the end in years past. I got discouraged by Writer’s Block and just gave up.

As I wrote the previous paragraph, the word document that I have set up expressly for NaNo has just ticked over 3,700 words. Not overly impressive, but I have been writing for five days in a row now, with an average word count of over 700 words a day. At this rate, I won’t hit 50k words until early January, but so what? 😛

As for how this will affect the blog, I will be pretty quiet through the rest of November. Starting in December, however, I will be getting back to the weekly posting schedule. There will be the spoils of NaNo to share, after all.

Until then, take care.


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