Update: June 2015

Let’s see, looking back, it has been… Wow, almost two and half months since I have posted anything. Time just flies sometimes.

What have I been doing that whole time? I’ve been working on the second draft of The Fin-Maid. As yet, it is only maybe half finished, however. 😦 Otherwise, I have been reading. I am current on A Song of Ice and Fire, and have been reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide and the Ender series. At this time, I am currently involved with Atlas Shrugged. That one is going to take some considerable time to get through. Page wise, it is on par with that of A Dance With Dragons, but the smaller font size makes it over twice the length.

As you can see, Atlas (r) is just a bit thicker than Dragons (l)
The font size for Atlas (l) is considerably smaller than that of Dragons (r). It’s smaller than the font for a lot books, actually…

I have still been writing. They cut back my hours at work, so that has left me with a few hours a day where I am undisturbed. However, I will not be publishing the WIP in question to my blog, and not anywhere until I have the first draft completed.

So yeah, that is what I’ve been up to.


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