Chicken Pinciotti

The following is a rough dialogue that the hubby and I had this morning at the Laundry:

Hubby: So I started reading your story last night…

Me: And? *Hoping that he might have thought it was good.*

Hubby: I couldn’t finish it.

Me: *Doubtful* How so?

Hubby: You should proofread your stuff before you submit it anywhere.

He then goes on to tell to me how the writing business works, of which I already had a working knowledge.

To which I explained, that yes, it’s raw, it’s *meant* to be raw. If I allowed myself to spend time on making it perfect, then I would really have a hard time getting things written. Plus, I have just shy of 100 followers, so apparently a bit of raw writing is not that much of a turnoff. 😉

Then he just nodded a “Yeah, sure, whatever you say crazy-lady” sort of nod and went back to reading about bonsai trees. Or whatever the research topic of the morning was.

It appears that I am just going to have to suck it up and restore to him his reading privileges… *sigh*


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