Melody of Capricorn

UPDATE: This story came in at Second Place!!!

This is my entry for the Wattpad #SciFriday story competition, Challenge 10: Romantic Interlude.

When famed inter-galactic actress Amira Rojeth awoke, she found herself to be in a dimly lit cavern Otherwise, it was cold, but not a damp cold.

“Where am I?” she asked, getting to her feet.

“With me!” came a giddy sort of giggle. It sounded male, but like one that had come from a poor quality voice synthesizer. It was accompanied by the sound of cables being dragged across a stone floor.

Video screens and holo-imagers came online, then. The very walls were made of them, each one displaying her throughout her career. Her movie roles, premiers, interviews. It was a veritable patchwork of her.

But much more disturbing still, were the holograms. No doubt unauthorized reproductions of a pornographic nature, they depicted Amira in a variety of poses, wearing next to nothing. If she wore anything at all.

“I-I see that you are a fan.” she said quietly, beginning to become fearful.

He giggled again. “I’m your biggest fan.”

She licked her lips, trying to think like her action-heroines would. She looked for an exit, a weapon, anything really.

“I am pleased to meet you, I really am, but I must be going. People are expecting me.”

“Like your billionaire, play-boy boyfriend?” There was movement behind a bank of screens.


“You won’t be seeing him again.”

“Why not?” she asked, defensively.

“Because here you are going to stay.” He came into the light then.

He did not walk, the cables served to suspend him from above. What flesh and bone that had not been replaced by cybernetics was merely a husk. He was a humanoid puppet in name only.

“Marry me my pet, and you will be young forever!”

Amira backed away from him. “No, stay away from me!” she screamed, before the cables plunged into her flesh…


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