Cheapies and Freebies

Just wanted to share a few treats that I’ve found.

Project Gutenberg – not new by any means, but you can find lots of free e-books, predominately classics that have come out of Copyright. You can read them online, or download them to read on your chosen e-reading device.

BookBub – basically a billboard for new e-books that have come into a temporary discount. sign-up is free, and once you select the categories that you are interested in, you get a daily email showcasing the latest deals. Prices range from Free to $2.99.

PaperBack Swap – Here, you can list books that you would like to re-home, from paperbacks and hardbacks, to audiobooks and text books. When someone requests a book from you, you do have to pay the postage, but when they receive the book, you get a credit that you can put toward getting a new book to read. And tell them that webowers sent you!



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