I seem to have developed a case of burnout over the past week.  I have not written much, and have spent more time messing around on my phone and playing a game on my DS.

I’d been beating myself up over it for days, and then my husband tells me that I’ve been trying too hard. Normally, that is when my PMS would kick in and I would tear him a new one while crying my eyes out.  Because, you know, he’s not a writer, so he doesn’t get it.

But he was right. I have been trying too hard.

I’ve written over 6k works in a one week period. That is above the norm for me at +/- 2k words in the same time frame.

So yes, I have been trying too hard. I septupled my expectations of myself. And now I’m suffering for it. My writing is suffering for it.

The best thing I can do is to drop back in the Nano Race. To concern myself with finishing strong, instead of trying to keep up with everyone else.

I think I need a fiction break. :-p


One thought on “Burnout

  1. It happens. Really.
    I hate to say I gave up before I even started, but I knew it would kill me to do it this year with everything else going on. Remember nano is for you to train yourself to write, that’s all. Whether you win or lose is secondary to the journey you take.

    ((hugs)) hang in there!

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