My NanoWrimo Checklist

NanoWrimo is in less than seven days and counting. So let’s get to ticking off that checklist, complete with some of my awesome DIY photos!

20141019_1329101.) A writing apparatus.

Whether you do a bulk of your writing on the computer, or by hand, you need a means to record your story. And don’t forget multiple backups if you use a computer!

20141019_1330432.) An Outline.

The level of detail is up to your own personal discretion, but to at least have some form of a basic sketch is a very good idea.

20140427_0949253.) Support Personnel.

Even pets can be wonderful supporters. If you need to talk to someone about your story, they are non-judgemental, and they won’t steal your ideas. Plus, they can ensure you get necessary breaks and fresh air.

20141026_1017414.) Snacks.

You will have the munchies, and let’s face it, writing on a peckish stomach does not go so well. And don’t forget drinks!

20141019_1328265.) Coffee.

Coffee. Did I mention coffee? If you’ve developed the taste for it, than coffee is a must. And lots of it.


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