My Nano Prep

As many of you know, NanoWrimo is only 24 days away and counting. And last week I was asked how I was going about in preparation aside from changing some negative habits.

Well, to begin with, I am much more of a ‘Pantser’ than I am of a ‘Plotter’. Sure, I try to write down as much as I can when I get an idea, but that usually leaves me with something that does not much resemble an outline. And when I do create an outline, I go off-road more often than I follow it. I guess outlines just aren’t my thing.

I do tend to make a list of songs that lend inspiration to my writing. Whether they contribute to the aura and mood of a scene, or gave rise to the idea as a whole. They become the soundtrack for my story. I collect images in much the same manner, mostly as character references, but you get the point.

When I get a nagging thought, I Google it. A lot of time it turns out to be unrelated to what I’m writing, but it does sometimes give me a new aspect to consider.

I also have Kingsoft Office on my smart phone. I can work on my story while on break at work, and then copy that days work into the original file once I get home.

And that’s it. That is my level of preparation. Just an idea and plunking myself down in front of the computer. It you were expecting more, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

For more information, certainly check out the Nano-Wrimo website for more tips, as well as to sign up if you haven’t already done so. And also, if you would be so kind to hit up my sister’s blog to read her suggestions about how to prepare. She has made goal two years now , and in my book that makes her a fair bit more qualified than me!


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