Prepare yourselves, November is coming.


That’s right. NanoWrimo is just around the corner. 31 30 days until the frenzy begins.

Are you ready?

To prepare yourself, you need more than just a story. And not just the resolve to write that story, to pound out the pages. No, no.

You have to change your habits.

It can take up to four weeks to change a habit, to start a new one to improve your well-being. If you’re going to do Nano, you need to ditch the bad ones. You know the ones I’m talking about. The video games. Facebook and Twitter. Watching whatever is on TV just cuz it’s on.

For me, some of my biggest time sinks are Farmville, and watching the TV. I’ve not been on Farmville for three four days now. Can’t say that I miss it, really. As for TV, we have over the air television, so it’s a lot of re-runs and nothing that I want to watch before 7. That makes for several hours of writing time before I need to start winding down for bed. Unless we have a Netflix DVD. The Walking Dead and Supernatural. ❤

If you want to make the 1,667 words a day goal, you have to find the time sinks and get rid of them, or at least cut back. Set a time to manage your Facebook, Twitter, and blog. Do a thorough cleaning on your house and try to keep it that way. A few minutes of cleaning in a go, as you go, is easy. Mindless almost!

Set a sleep schedule, plan your meals on a weekly basis and shop accordingly. With the weather getting cooler, crock-pot meals are easy. You can get the ingredients ready the night before, then pull the pot out of the fridge the next morning and turn it on. Plus the leftovers can save even more time!

These are merely some suggestions, only you can assess your own habits and take stock of what can be worked on.

Good luck and happy Nano-ing!


4 thoughts on “Prepare yourselves, November is coming.

    1. Sadly, I’m more of a pantser than a plotter, but I do have a rough outline drawn up already. The story is one I’ve had in mind for awhile, so fingers crossed that I can make it this year! 🙂

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