My wrist, an update

Well, I spent 2 hours at the doctor’s office and hospital this morning.  I should have gone the day after I slipped, but I thought that I could tough it out. I felt pretty good yesterday, but prolonged use only seemed to aggravate my wrist, as well as cause a numb/tingly feeling in three of my fingers. Hence 2 hours this morning.

After much waiting, the doc came in and poked,  prodded, squeezed, and kneaded both arms and hands. After a few minutes he decided I should have x-rays. More waiting, then I was led over to the hospital side for, you guessed it, more waiting. The x-rays took all of 5 minutes.

Once back at the clinic side, yet more waiting. Then the doc came back to show me the images, on a computer screen — snazzy.

Nothing broken, just an odd spot on one of the wrist bones. Considering the particular bone and its location relative to the broken blood vessel, most likely a bruise to the bone if anything. Judging it to be a mild sprain, I was then given this lovely little fashion accessory to wear for the next week:


I’ve also been put on light duty. Max lift of 10 lbs, 8 hour days no over-time,  and I have a follow-up appointment next week.


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