A Day in My Life

I work six days a week. Somewhere between eight and ten hours a day Monday thru Friday, and between four and six hours on most Saturdays.

My day starts at 3:45 AM. When the alarm goes off, the lights and the radio come on as I begin my efforts to prepare myself for the day. This usually involves crawling back into bed for another fifteen minutes until I finally force myself to get up. I dress, pack the cooler, feed my dogs and take them outside. Much like when being a parent, it usually does not go in that particular order.

By 4:40 AM the hubby and I are ready to go, as is whoever comes by to ‘carpool’ to work. By 4:45 AM we are at work, getting clocked in and shooting the shit with co-workers. At 5:00 AM we then trudge off to our respective departments.

Much of the day I work with circuit boards and wiring for control systems of grain drying equipment. It’s not all that glamorous, but it is one of the most sensitive departments in my company. If we do something wrong, the equipment won’t work correctly, if it even starts up. But mostly I just fasten screws into housings, slap some decals on, and put them into boxes.

Oh, and because we work with computer equipment, it is a temperature controlled environment — heat in the winter, and A/C in the summer.

There are two other people who work in there with me. One whose job it is to make customer repairs on the circuit boards, and since he helped with the prototyping of much of what we build, other departments of the grain dryer assembly come to him when things aren’t working right. The other is a pissy-ass, toxic person who is supposed to do much of the same work as I do. However, she spends much of her time not even half-assing her work, on and off the phone, and in and out of the Boss-Man’s office…

Much to the chagrin of Pissy-Ass and Boss-Man, and much amusement to most everyone else who works there, I have managed to tap into my Muchness. I do my job the best that I can, call them on the bullshit they start, and then they scowl and sulk for the rest of the week. 😉

I get two, ten minute breaks in the morning hours, one thirty minute lunch, and another ten minute break in the afternoon if I work ten or more hours. Sadly, you learn to scarf breakfast fast in ten minutes, and then you can’t stop yourself from eating fast any other time. 😦 We go home for lunch, let the dogs out, and go back to work. We usually get home for the day at about 2:30 to 3:30, take the dogs for a quick walk, and collapse for a bit with a beer or two. Then we eat supper, clean up the kitchen and ourselves, then go to bed by 8:00 PM at the latest. Then the day starts all over again.

How do i find time to write with all that? I manage to scribble some words during breaks, and with Family Feud in re-runs, I just lock myself in the bedroom for an hour. On Sunday mornings, we go to the Laundromat and I try to get some work done there, as well. I just keep plugging away. That is all that I can do. 🙂


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