Chronicles of Riddick: Lady Fury – Part 2 continued

Part 2 Continued

lady fury coverEsmina’s smile twisted into a sneer. “Of course I don’t, you damned fool.”

She began to wash herself then. The soap was gritty, obviously meant for exfoliation. She only scrubbed herself all the harder. The Elemental waited patiently for her continue.

No sooner than a report came in that Riddick had been captured, then my ass was put into cryo for New Mecca. Only to find out when I get there that he was dead on some backwater planet.”

She dumped water over her head, soaking her hair before taking the soap to her scalp with relish.

Then my orders were to go to that dump of a world and make sure that Riddick was dead. After all, what’s the point of keeping me around when I no longer have a purpose.”

She dumped water over her head again.

But when I get to M-344/G-2, or whatever the hell that God-forsaken world is called, I find the ship, sans power cells, and an ill-fated survey colony missing its emergency shuttle. Naturally, Riddick gets blamed for thirty year old bones with teeth marks and I get sent out to look for ion trails. Only to run into Toombs, who puts me on ice, and I end up here. Your turn.”

Aerian’s gentle smile had never left her face. “So what now that you have finally caught up to him?”

Esmina stood up, water pouring off of her. “What would you ask of a master of death?” She turned around then, her back a mass of scars.


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