I would like to begin this post with an apology for the delay of the latest segment of Runebreaker. It seems to me that I had written myself into a corner, and had to spend the last three weeks trying to dig myself out of it.

It is a strange thing to find yourself nearing the End of a story and realizing that there is a lot of stuff that has not yet been told that still needs to be. You wind up trying to cram it all in at once, much to your detriment. I have characters that have seemingly dropped into a void, and the initial outline that I had created is essentially worthless as the story stands now.

I am eager to see Runebreaker reach a satisfying conclusion. Because it has been several months of frustrating, yet very delightful work, and also because I am eager to begin other writing pursuits. I want to get Runebreaker edited so that I can begin to submit it to short story publications. I also hope to one day tell the story of Seresana and Igdrasil. There is a Victorian fiction that I would like to work on, as well as some re-vamped fairy tales.

And of course Lady Fury and the Perdition Chronicles.

I don’t know about you all, but it’s a wonder that my head has not exploded long before now…

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