That Perfect Pitch

While looking for ways to get more readers of my story, I began looking through writing/ critiquing groups. That is how I came across Wattpad and Worthy of Publishing. But there was one more that I found. Called Autonomy, it is run by HarperCollins and is effectively a recruiting ground. I have yet to actually post my story there because they require you post some pitches for your work.

So that got me to thinking. I have no pitch yet. I don’t even really know how to write one!

Research has shown me that is no easy feat. There are different kinds of situation appropriate pitches. There is a one-sentence/”log line” pitch. An “elevator pitch“, and the long pitch typically found in book jackets. Here’s a site that does a way better job of explaining these than I could ever hope to do.

How to Write a Pitch for your Novel

It has given me some food for thought, and I’ve been working on my own pitches. Here is my log-line:

After bandits destroy her village, the sole survivor is raised by Elves and finds herself at the center of the final battle between Life and Death.

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