Some Thoughts

Well, I’m in the process of writing Chapter 7.  Quite a feat seeing as that I have yet to have a finished first manuscript.  I have been working on Dragons and Shadow steadily since November. 2 1/2 months of working on the same piece.

To that, I owe a HUGE thank you to my readers. The Likes and the Follows have been so important in keeping me going. The anticipation is literally what gets my butt out of bed on Friday morning. So thank you all ever so much.

It is beginning to sink in that I may actually succeed in doing this thing. That here in a few more months I could be typing those two little words “The End”.  It is such a bittersweet feeling. Good that I will be able to say that I have completed my first manuscript outside of a school assignment. Good that I can transfer the excitement of working on something onto my next project (Perdition). But also so very sad that it will be over. Even though I have a reasonably detailed outline, there is still the excitement of travelling along with my characters. The unexpected bends in the road.

Yes, there will be the editing phases. What I post on here is effectively draft 1.1. Aside from basic grammar and punctuation corrections, you basically get it straight from the convoluted recesses that make up my brain. Draft 2.0 will have definite differences, and so on and so forth until my friends and family decide to hold an intervention and take it away from me. To quote:

“…that no book or poem is ever finished, merely abandoned.” — M. Silenus, Hyperion, by Dan Simmons.

With my newly recognized epiphany, I have also come to accept that I need more than just a working title. Let’s face it. What I have right now for a title kinda sucks.  We were talking about it in the car yesterday, and my husband thought that he was going to hurt my feelings by telling me as such. I know it’s a bad title, that’s why I call it a working title. That way it at least has a name so that I can go about writing the thing. So now my poor little brain has to compartmentalize between trying to get Erinael out of this new jam, in addition to trying to think of something catchy and mysterious to properly call this piece of fiction.

My oh my, what I have I gotten myself into?

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