Mein Gott!

This week has been something else, that is for sure!

Firstly, I’m currently engaged in a battle to the death with the common cold. Only one of us can/will come out of this alive. If I survive, my next opponent appears to be Strep throat. Goody. (Co-worker helped it to emigrate to work….)

Secondly, work is starting to get hectic. We had inventory last week, so it was all “we have to make stock totals match the computer!!11!!” Now it’s “we have all of these orders to fill!!” “But we don’t have parts!” “Fill the orders first, we’ll get the parts…” and round and round it goes.

Thirdly: Farmville 2. Need I say more?

Fourthly, my husband cut his hand pretty bad last weekend and couldn’t go out hunting with his friends. (I do most of my writing on Saturday and Sunday.) So he was home. Watching TV. With no ADHD meds. Bored out of his mind and oblivious to the earbuds that I had shoved in my ears. So yeah, my weekend was productive.

Fifthly, I’m not even a full chapter ahead of what I’m posting. I finished writing Chapter 5 the day before I published it. Chapter 6 is only half done, if that. I’m slacking, I know.

So them’s the facts. Take ’em or leave ’em.

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