The Dragonriders of Pern: The White Dragon

the white dragonTitle: The White Dragon

Author: Anne McCaffrey

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Setting: Futuristic / Medieval society

Summary: A young Lord Holder becomes bonded to a rare dragon, and together they use unique abilities to change the world.

What I Think: I’m only about halfway through this book, and so far it’s a fairly good read. I did like its predecessors better, Dragonflight and Dragonquest, but that was mostly because this book changes character perspectives and locations every chapter. I like the character of Ruth, a rare white dragon. His rider Jaxom I am not quite as fond of, largely because he is too much of a petulant child. He’s caught between two roles: a Lord Holder and a Dragonrider of Pern, and basically throws a fit because he isn’t treated as at least one or the other. He’s young, of course, and still has some growing up to do, but that still does not make him overly endearing. As the story progresses, Jaxom does manage to earn the trust and respect of the Dragonriders as Ruth’s unique ability does indeed prove to be useful.


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