I’m back baby!

Applause is optional
Applause is optional

… Well, sorta. :p We’ve gotten moved into our own place and my computer is set up. I tether to my phone for internet, which is not perfect, but better than nothing. I can at least type up posts with a physical keyboard instead of hen-pecking on a roughly 4×2 inch screen.

I’m still working my butt off while trying to find/make time to read and write. I’ve tried to do Nano again this year with poor results. 😦 2,300 words the first weekend, then nothing. *sigh* Real Life can be such a pain in the ass sometimes….

I want to keep working on my story, however, in the goal of actually completing a draft. I tend to write much more when I have social interaction, which is why I was so drawn to Play by eMail Role Play Games in the past. But I can’t write that way anymore. So I will be posting sections of my story each week in the hopes of trying to keep myself motivated. It was originally why I had created this blog, but I had been too self-conscious to actually do so. If I ever want to be published, I’m just going to have to get over that.

So here goes. I will have the first post of my novel up shortly, and I hope that you enjoy it. 🙂


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