The Borg

My first exposure to Star Trek was back when I was around eight or so. I can remember sitting in front of my television, barely three feet away, riveted to the screen for that short hour. I know now that I was watching Sunday morning reruns of The Next Generation, but it was new to me.


Of the most memorable to me, has to be the episodes where the Enterprise crew had to go aboard a Borg cube. It was dark, eerily quiet. Busy, oblivious drones going about their tasks. Just as their lack of individuality unnerves Troi, it unnerved me as well.

I tried to imagine losing my individuality, my sense of self. To be stripped of everything that made me, me. Even to have my corporeal form to be dramatically altered beyond recognition. To think, to move, to act in unison.

It was thrilling to watch the characters, holding my breath at the close calls and letting it out again when they were clear. TNG made the Borg into a tangible Bogeyman of sorts, and it suited them. Voyager, however, changed that. In their efforts to make them seem all-powerful and terrifying, they made them fallible and selfish. Shadows of their former selves.


I watch episodes of Voyager as I write this, and find them to almost ridiculous. Especially the Borg Queen. For being a part of a Collective, she is very much an individual. Spiteful, emotional, and vindictive. Human really, not the perfection that the Borg are seeking.

If I sound bitter, please forgive me. I am merely missing the days spent huddled in front of my television, shivers running up and down my spine at the lines:

“We are the Borg.”

“You will be assimilated.”

“Resistance is futile.”


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