Zero productivity… or is it?

I have not even really looked at my outline for the past few days. Instead, I have been lucky and can squirrel away a half hour or so on the computer, so I’m feverishly typing up as many pages as I can from other projects and such. (I have an inch thick stack of papers that need typed.) I’m also in the process of making updates to an anime fan-site I started awhile back, and until Weebly releases an app for Android, I need an actual computer to update it. And trying to downsize my pen collection, because, well, I’m not allowed to buy new ones until I use up some of the older ones. Not fair, I know, but that’s how it is. 😛

So yeah, I’m not sure if that could be called productivity, or just considered a distraction. *shrug*


2 thoughts on “Zero productivity… or is it?

    1. Good point. You also have to wonder at how many of what we deem “great works” and “necessary” tools and devices started out as distractions and time-killing ideas… Da Vinci is a good example — artist, scientist, inventor. I can’t begin to imagine how his mind must have hummed!!

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