Too bored to write

To the non-writer, this may be a foreign concept, but it’s true. I am too bored to write.

Until I get my money situation sorted out and can get my own place again, I am currently staying with family. I have next to no computer access aside from the wi-fi connection on my smartphone — not that it’s too much of an inconvenience, I prefer to write longhand with pen and paper anyhow. It’s just that I lack an actual workspace that is respected. I only have a little folding table in the living room. The TV is just as bad as having everybody roaming through, but still I try. I have an outline that I’ve made slow progress on, but it’s progress. Today, however, I have barely looked at where it was that I left off last night, despite my work sitting not more than a foot in front of me.

There is a football game on — one that is to decide one of two teams going to the Super Bowl. I’m not that interested considering that “my team” got knocked out of the playoffs the other week… ( T_T ) Not even the internet is really appealing. Maybe it’s just the weather, I don’t know. It’s cold and snowing right now — perfect conditions to crawl into bed under the nice warm blankets and take a nap. Maybe even just hibernate…

Ah hell, I need to get some work done. I may be able to start working on the first draft of the MS by this weekend, so maybe then things’ll be different. Hopefully.


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