The Thing (2011)

Last night, I watched the movie The Thing, the Science-Fiction horror movie prequel to 1982’s The Thing (which I have not seen).

The Thing wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t exactly great, either. (In fact, for the first 20-30 minutes or so, I couldn’t help but note the similarities to the beginning of Alien vs. Preditor.) The scary monster/alien thing looked like something you would find in the Deadspace video games and resulting animated features, and kind of had similar M.O.: infiltrate, kill/transform, annihilate, and repeat.

Granted, I am fairly picky about my horror movies, even though I haven’t actually watched all that many. I don’t much care for a whole lot of blood and gore, which is why I didn’t bother to finish Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and was not fond of the Hills Have Eyes. Even though there was minimal gore, I especially do not care for M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs. (The Hubby always tries to torment me with that one.) But I do like the Alien series of films (I am excited to see Scott’s upcoming film Prometheus), the Predator movies, and lesser known films Dreamcatcher, and Ghosts of Mars. Unfortunately, I am not well versed with Freddy and Jason’s exploits. 😦


One thought on “The Thing (2011)

  1. Some horror movies are to be praised for their boundary-pushing cinematography; I doubt anyone lauds The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a masterpiece of visual storytelling, but rather for its willingness to step far outside the bounds of what was at the time considered acceptable to depict (I am a huge fan of grindhouse horror for this very reason). I haven’t seen the new Thing, and probably won’t: John Carpenter’s version from 1982 would almost certainly be better (I believe Carpenter is one of the most underrated people in the film industry, writing, directing, producing and scoring many of his own films). In general, I tend to avoid remakes and prequels – I feel there’s a great danger of spoiling the magic of the original. Having said that, I am curious to see the new Total Recall.

    And yes; Signs sucked.

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