My creativity has taken a huge nose dive of late. Not even my fan-fictions could grease the wheels and get it going again. I’ve been restless as well, just too much nervous energy and not much to do with it. I just wind up pacing the house, looking out the windows repeatedly, but nothing changes. The only writing I have even done was to complete a scene from my X-Men fan-fic, but that was only two paragraphs. 😦 Other than that, I have recopied my note pages, making them neat and tidy.

Nothing wants to flow. I just keep staring at the paper, and it’s frustrating. I’m hopeful that this clears up in a few days.


4 thoughts on “Restless

  1. Hmm. I started looking for words of wisdom on this subject from ‘authors’, but there are too many to even begin to contemplate. It seems you’re not the only one to run smack into this kind of wall! Personally, though, I think the best thing about being the author is you get to change it afterwards. It doesn’t matter if it’s great or terrible, since no one else will see it, but write it anyway! Then you get to go back and cross it all out.

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