FotW: Black Butterfly

Progress on “Black Butterfly” has been sort of slow, but I’ve made some big decisions regarding the story. I’ve figured out the way that I would like for it to end – melancholy and somewhat bloody, as any good Vampire story should. There is no formal outline, only what I have in my head and a few scribbled notes about vampire mythology.

I want to keep away from the nature Anne Rice‘s works. They are far more of a romanticized concept of vampires than what I like. A bit too forgiving almost of the nature of vampires. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people love her books, but it’s just not quite my cup of tea. I like visceral and unforgiving. I want realism and glamor-free, as it were. (No sparkly vampires for me, either!)

Although I have read only a few of his works, I have a fondness for Karl Edward Wagner and his Kane stories. Kane is who he is, and there are no apologies for it. I also like how he wrote and published all of those short stories about Kane and his adventures in anthologies. All the nitty-gritty without a lot of the slow transition and build up that is required for a novel. (It’s actually quite appropriate for today’s on the go and the digital world.) I would like to do something similar around my Vampire antagonist, only probably just one book, instead of six. 😛


2 thoughts on “FotW: Black Butterfly

  1. Sometimes I wonder about the virtue of research in a fantastic fictional setting. Once you know all about vampires, you end up having to think of what your vampires aren’t (so to speak). A creature that comes from your heart, even if it ends up sharing similarities with other works, will never seem borrowed. I can’t wait!

    1. Most of what I read I already knew, seeing as that books and movies have exposed us to the mythos for years, as well as adding new little twists over time. I guess I just wanted to add my own little quirk to the legacy without making it look like I lifted it from somewhere.

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