April Fool’s Day Gift

I am not a big fan of April Fool’s Day, and I never have been. Humor at the expense of others is just not all that funny to me. Which is why I would rather do nice things for people than try to pull a prank on them. So today, I will show you just some of the ideas that reside in my twisted little mind. Aren’t you lucky? 😛

I’ve already mentioned Strega, my medieval romance story with the long-lost prince. A possible sequel will also be a medieval romance, and will have three acts for sure. There is Hymenoptera, which I mentioned yesterday. It will be a three act science-fiction story. And Dark Butterfly, my vampire short story.

Other originals include:

The Keys of Heaven, a science fiction/space opera story about lost artifacts of power. Soul Phenomena, science fiction story with a very heavy anime influence and Astral Plains. There is one that I’m calling Akuma for now, but it is a fantasy story with some heavy Feudal Japanese influences – Samurai for starters. There are some others, but they are far less developed than these.

I also have three fan-fiction works that evolved from the PBeM games that I used to play. One is a Star Trek story, another is Bubblegum Crisis, and the third is an X-Men derivative. I don’t work on these nearly as much as my original works, and keep them mostly as a means of cleaning the “mental gutters” as it were. I’m thinking about posting the X-Men one at some point, I’ve got a few scenes at the beginning to finish writing, and then to type it all up. (Longhand — most everything I write is written longhand…)

Yes, that is a big list, and progress has been very slow at times. I just consider it all to be a part of my Bucket List, just like the mountain of books that I would like to read… 😛


2 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day Gift

  1. That is quite some list, and diverse. I wrote a set of Star Trek stories when I was eleven. They were terrible, but represent the only other creative endeavor I’ve ever seen to completion. Lo, the start of a life of procrastination!

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