Big Beagles are bad!

A couple of days ago, my husband and I went up to visit his parents and our niece for her 4th birthday, and our two beagles came with us. Our niece has her own beagle puppy, but she loves our dogs, especially our two-year old — largely because she tolerates being drug around on a lead so very well. So when the Nightingale collar (a type of slip collar, unable to cinch tight around the dog’s neck) and show lead came out, it wasn’t too much of a surprise.

The dog literally does not mind. She loves our niece, especially if food is involved, and aside from the occasional jumping incident, or taking a toy or snack that she is not supposed to, they get along famously. So Keylie went on her merry way of hoovering up anything and everything that appeared edible, my niece right behind her.

Keylie weighs around 30 lbs, which for her is fat, and also makes her a little more than half the weight of my niece, which means you get a tug-of-war when both parties want to go in different directions. Needless to say, my niece was getting a bit frustrated when the dog decided that she wanted to check out the nibbles in the kitchen instead of staying in the living room, and was trying to drag the dog back into the other room. However, when you have a short dog with a low center of gravity connected by a short cord to a little girl with a much higher center gravity, you basically have the same thing as a four-wheel drive vehicle in low gear towing a trailer.

So the dog forced my niece into the kitchen, very much against her will. Unfortunately, the little girl tripped over the doorway and landed on her hands and knees. More mad than anything, she got up, ran bawling to Grandma, and bellowed “Big Beagles are bad!” I know it was a bit mean to laugh at her distress, but we all cracked up then. After a minute, she calmed down and then showed us her Birthday cake.


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