Enough with the smoochies already!

I’ve been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix with my husband (he’s watched most of it before, while I haven’t). And if you’ve seen just a few of the episodes from Seasons 2 &3, then  you should already have a pretty idea of what I call the “Smoochy factor”. The kids on the show obviously have very little else on their minds other than kissing and making out, whether it’s in a broom closet, the cemetery, or the Bronze

To me, watching people carry on like that on TV is just about as embarrassing as watching them do it in real life. That and the lip smacking noise. That awful smacking noise that reminds me a lot of pigs (the animal) when they eat. I can cover my eyes and look away, but there is still that god-awful smacking noise!!

My husband delights in picking on me about it. Whenever someone starts up, he pokes me and laughs. But then it’s fair turnaround when they show people eating on TV. For some reason my husband can’t stand to watch people eat. I can’t say that I don’t blame him.


4 thoughts on “Enough with the smoochies already!

  1. In general, my wife just doesn’t like me to make a sound at all when we watch TV. I like to look actors up, tell everyone that there’s a really scary part coming up, and and generally do anything but actually just watch the show. She likes to get completely lost, which usually involves me getting lost too. Still, we both get a big kick out of teasing our son whenever there’s an on-screen lip-lock: “smoochy-smoochy”! Boy, does he hate that!

    1. It is hard to resist looking things about a show while you’re watching it sometimes. Although for me, it’s more of “Where else have I seen that guy?!”

    1. I know. My biggest beef with other people eating, is that so many chew with their mouths open… Once it passes their lips, I don’t want to see it or hear it anymore!

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