Spring has sprung

Spring has definitely hit where I live. The grass and trees are starting to green up, the animals are much more active than were in the past few months, and the temperatures are getting to be plenty nice. It is awesome to be able to open my windows again and force the stuffy air to move. However, that all comes at a price for me and many other people. That’s right, Allergies. With all of these waking trees, many of them are blooming, and the eighty degree weather that we have had this week only exacerbates the problem. I didn’t use to suffer in this way. I grew up in the country, and it wasn’t until I began to regularly live in town that all of the flowering shrubs and trees began to be out to get me.

Itchy eyes, runny nose, and congested sinuses, I could so easily live without them; however, it is not meant to be. So from now until probably early Fall, I will need to keep a steady supply of Claratin, Sudafed, and Benedryl just to keep it bearable. And Zyrtec just in case it gets really bad, or if I have to go to my mom’s (she has cats…) All of these tend to make me sleepy and zombie-like (especially the Zyrtec). And the dreams… I can’t forget about the dreams…

With that in mind, don’t be too surprised if my posting habits begin to suffer. Or if the subject of my weird dreams comes up again. If I have any good ones, I’ll be sure to mention them.


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