Of Shoes, Ships and Ceiling Wax, Warranties and things

I have to lament the breakage of my carpet cleaner…

I was in the middle of shampooing my living room carpet when a something inside the casing *popped* and now the spin brushes no longer spin. 😦 It’s disappointing really, because my carpet needed cleaning, even though I just cleaned it two weeks ago… But that happens when you have pets. They can be really good and try so hard not mess on the floor, but sometimes they get sick. That or they teach you to delay taking them outside for  just a minute too long, then they will show you! (One is just a puppy, so we do have to allow a small bit of leeway.) Plus, light beige carpets are just a magnet for dirt and stains. *grumble grumble*

The shampooer does appear to be fixable, however. It smelled like burned rubber when it happened, which means something could be up with the belt or the turbine that turns the brushes. But since I’ve only had it for about a month, I had better play nice with the warranty. If it saves me from having to tear it apart myself, and then spend $40-$75 bucks out-of-pocket to buy replacement parts and such, then so be it. However, it looks like I may have to drive it 35 miles away to have it fixed by a certified warranty repair place. For living in a city of well over 100,00 people, you would think that there would be some place closer.

Oh well, shit happens. At least it didn’t catch on fire, or something! 🙂 And with all of the dog hair that thing manages find, that is a small miracle…


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