Paypal and eBook censorship

I’ve been doing some follow-up research on the whole Paypal eBook censorship dispute that they have initiated with Smashwords, (my initial post can be found here) and came across some interesting details.

The folks at sent a letter to Visa, inquiring as to their take on it. Visa’s response makes it clear that it is a Paypal policy to not process certain erotic content and product, not Visa. Clearly Visa has an understanding of where their money comes from, and is in no hurry to send it elsewhere.

Paypal has also posted a response to the incident on their blog. BannedWriter contributor Corrina Parr then dissects it here.

This whole fiasco has only been in the headlines for the better part of a week, and already one Credit Card company has denied involvement in Paypal’s decision. It would not surprise me one bit if MasterCard and Discover followed suit and denied involvement as well. When that happens, Paypal may drop their little crusade. I get the impression that there has already been too much noise made about it for their liking.


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