Outlining. Oy. The Strega edition.

Since yesterday’s post, I’ve been working on the outline for Strega. Most definitely easier said than done. 😛 I’m not saying that it’s hard, per se, especially if you have a pretty clear idea of how you want your story to go. It’s the timing that I’m having problems with.

I said before that I plan to use the pagan high-holy days to help with the timing, and there are eight altogether. Not a big deal, that gives me eight chapters, plus a prologue, intro chapter, and a concluding chapter, which gives me an eleven chapter minimum start. Not bad. However, the high-holy days are festivals, so my story is going to look like a party town of sorts. 😛

Where I am running into problems with, is that I want for an argument to happen to Midsummer/Litha, but that comes after Beltane, when the leads are supposed to have made up… *scratches head* I guess I’m going to have to put in a royal tournament or something of that nature to replace the squabbles during the summer games… Now I’m doing the interwebz version of thinking out-loud. 😛

So yeah, I’ve got the bulk of the simple outline for Strega almost finished; however, I predict a bog down after that. 😦 I don’t have much luck with writing when outlines are involved. That is because I have this big problem with with flying by the seat of my pants (coupled with OCD levels of perfectionism). An outline is just more structure than what I’m used to, and then I tend to color outside of the lines… Seriously. I have developed story outlines for a few other works before, but I have either not gone back to work on the story since, or what work I have done, is nothing like what the outline said should have been done. 😛 I’m going to try to change that with this story. 🙂


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