My thoughts on the Kindle Fire

As I have posted before, I have a Kindle Fire, but I have never posted my thoughts on it. Yes, it allows me to surf the web and check my email in addition to reading digital books and magazines. It’s a tricked out eReader basically. But my Droid X does all of that, too. Albeit on a screen half the size of the Kindle Fire, but at least it does not depend on a Wi-Fi connection for internet.

I find the Kindle Fire to be uncomfortable to hold for extended periods, particularly since I have smaller hands. There are not nearly as many books available for digital, and even then you have to have a particular format to be able to read it on the Kindle Fire (or buy a program to put on it to read a different format). Also, many of the digital copies are also more expensive than a used copy of the same book! Yes, I can put many, many books on the device and carry them everywhere, but it would still lack the look, feel, and smell of an actual book. Plus, there is the distinct lack of the Thrill of the Hunt for that perfect copy.

It’s nice, but to be honest, for my habits and preferences, I find it to be not much more than a toy.


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