My Writerly Beginnings

55327_girl-writing_lgSince this blog is about writing, it’s only fair that I relate to you my start in the Way of the Writer.

I didn’t discover the joys that writing could bring until  my first year of junior high. Until then, each creative writing assignment had been an exercise in abject torture. Everything that I put out was just half-hearted and hollow.

Then, there came a day over Christmas break. I was bored, and they had ended one of my favorite TV shows at the time. Without even trying, my imagination took flight, and I pulled out an old spiral notebook and a pen and started scribbling.

Over the next five and half years, that fan-fiction (although horribly written, plotted, and many other things) turned into a 400 page, cursive written behemoth that I am to this day too ashamed to show to people. :-p Honestly, it’s horrible, but it has been a labor of love and growth that I have unwilling to throw out. I will salvage what I can from it before I ever come to that point.

That fan-fic was the start of a beloved hobby for me. For several years, I used to participate in a handful of Play by E-mail (PBEM) text-based role-play games. They not only helped me to develop my skills more, but the interactions with like-minded people was just down-right fun. 😀 Sadly, I haven’t the time to play much anymore, as that I have been trying to focus on my more serious writing endeavors. However, the scale of my productivity on that front leaves much to be desired. 😦

You see, not only do I have a minimally creative imagination, it has a very hard time of keeping to the task. Sometimes, I can sit for hours at a time and churn out page after page. But then, there are days where I am fortunate enough to stay on task long enough to turn out a sentence or two. And never mind completing one stage of a project before I jump on to the next project… To this day, I have yet to finish an actual story that didn’t have a deadline, AND someone breathing down my neck. I guess that I am just either completely unfocused, or just don’t want it bad enough. Oh well, good thing that it’s not my day job!


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