aliceIf you must know one thing about me, it is that I love Alice in Wonderland. So when I came across the SciFi mini-series Alice, I had to add it to my Netflix queue, and I just finished watching it about a week ago. Directed by Nick Willing, this re-telling of the classic by Lewis Carroll is set in a “modern day” Wonderland, where the hottest commodity is a “mood tea”, which allows the drinker to experience a variety of specific emotions.

So Alice gets pulled into the whole shebang when her boyfriend Jack is kidnapped and taken through to the other side, and she follows after in an attempt to rescue him. She then proceeds to get into, and then out of trouble several times, dragging the Hatter along with her. By the end, this Alice has left just as much of an impression on Wonderland as her predecessor.

The film started off slow and kinda bland, and other parts along the way kinda seemed to just drag on at times. However, I found it to be trippy enough that I had to keep watching it to at least see how it ended.

It stars Catarina Scorsone (Private Practice) as Alice, and Andrew Lee Potts (Primevil) as the Hatter, with Kathy Bates as the Queen of Hearts, and Tim Curry as Dodo.


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