My discovery involving the Kindle Fire and the Motorola Droid X

This is not directly Literary, but since it involves the Kindle, I consider that to be close enough. 😉

A little while back, I had heard about a software update that Amazon would be putting out for the Kindle Fire. Since I had just gotten mine for this past Christmas, I wanted to make sure that I had everything up to date. Only to find that I would have to download the update to my computer, and then transfer to my Kindle Fire via USB cord. The same USB cord that does not come with the Kindle Fire and that you have purchased separately. Now, having already shelled out the bucks to purchase the Kindle, I was a little put off about having to purchase yet another cord that was destined to float around my office. So while I was trying to figure out a way to explain this new development to my husband, I realized that the Kindle shared a similar connector shape as my Motorola Droid X.

Curious, I connected my phone to the Kindle Fire charge cord and it worked! Now, this is where you are surely going “How is that supposed to help?” You see, the power cord for the Droid X pulls double duty. Motorola has designed the power cord to come with a removable outlet adapter, that connects to the cord via USB connector. All you have to do is unhook the prong end, and you can plug your cell phone into your computer to sync files back and forth, as well as to charge it if you wish.

Using that same cord, I was then able to connect my Kindle Fire to my computer and then transfer the update software to it, then follow the rest of the instructions to properly install them onto my Kindle. No extra cord necessary. 🙂

However, the cord that I had used to do this was a generic replacement that we had to order through e-Bay, so I am not exactly sure if the factory cord will do this as well. I also could not charge my Kindle through the computer. Again, whether this would be different with factory cord, I do not know. But for an action that will not need to be repeated very often, it is a functional option without the need to purchase an additional cord.


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